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Welcome to the official internet site of the Serbian Orthodox Church – St. Sava located at 2151 West Wallings Road Broadview Heights, OH 44147.  

добро Дошли!

Vidovdan Видовдан 06-28-2020

Vidovdan: Видовдан,  is a Serbian National and religious holiday celebrated on 28 June (Gregorian calendar), or 15 June according to the Julian calendar. The Serbian Church designates it as the memorial day to Saint Prince Lazar and the Serbian holy martyrs who fell during the Battle of Kosovo against the Ottoman Turk Empire on 15 June 1389 (according to the Julian calendar). It is an important part of the Serbian National identify and culture. 






Тhank you to His Grace Bishop Longin for joining us in our liturgy and celebration of Vidovdan




Quarterly Church membership meeting Sunday July 19th immediately following Divine Liturgy (noon 12:00pm)

Quarterly Corporation membership meeting Sunday July 19th immediately following Church Membership meeting ) 1PM  

Црквене и корпорације седнице су обе у неделју Јули 19 у 12 и 1 сати. 

St. Sava Church Coronavirus Update

  • Bingo will resume on July 7th 
  • SSK Karadjordje is offering their help as needed. Any elderly parishioners that would like a member of SSK Karadjordje to assist them in going to the grocery store or pharmacy should contact Aleks Rakic  or Pajo Majerle 

С обзиром на тренутну здравствену климу, Српска православна црква Свети Сава предузима следеће проактивне мере како би сузбила потенцијално ширење коронавируса:

• Бинго ће поцети јули 9

• ССК Карађорђе нуди свој помоћ по потреби. Сви старији чланови наше заједнице који би желели да члан ССК Карађорђе оде у продавницу или апотеку нека се јаве Алексу Ракићу на 216-8168261 или Пајо Мајерле на 440-897-7699

Nedeljni Bilten 062820 -Prednja strana 1

Nedeljni Bilten 062820 – Unutra

Nedeljni Bilten-061420 Prednja strana 1

Nedeljni Bilten -061420 Unutra

Nedeljni Bilten 060720 -Prednja strana 1,

Nedeljni Bilten 060720 – Unutra

Nedeljni Bilten 053120 – Prednja strana 1

Nedeljni Bilten 053120 – Unutra

Nedeljni Bilten 052420 -Prednja strana 1

Nedeljni Bilten 052420 – Unutra

Nedeljni Bilten 051720 -Prednja strana 1,

Nedeljni Bilten 051720 – Unutra

Nedeljni Bilten 051020 – Prednja strana 1

Nedeljni Bilten 051020 – Unutra

Nedeljni Bilten 050320 -Prednja strana 1

Nedeljni Bilten 050320 – Unutra

Nedeljni Bilten 042620 – Prednja strana 1

Nedeljni Bilten 042620 – Unutra

Nedeljni Bilten 041920 -Prednja strana 1

Nedeljni Bilten 041920 – Unutra

Nedeljni Bilten 041220 -Prednja strana

Nedeljni Bilten 041220 – Unutra

Nedeljni Bilten 040720-Prednja strana

Nedeljni Bilten 040720 – Unutra 

Who is St. Sava?

Saint Sava, a Serbian prince, monk, diplomat, and founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church bestowed upon us an extraordinary tradition that we wish to preserve and present to you today. Each click within this portal will shepherd you to the many exciting and dynamic experiences that we offer. 

In the spirit of Saint Sava, we wish to advance and educate the Orthodox community. Beginning with the cornerstones of Sunday liturgy and Sunday school, to the many cultural festivals and sporting events hosted, along with catering and wedding event planning for all. Through these programs, organizations, and events we invite you learn a bit more about our Church, community, and culture.